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reviewed in the united states on may 2, 2016

verified purchase

love the samsung galaxy tab a. this is an extremely versatile tablet and meets all of my needs. i have apps loaded that supports: communications, documents, photos, videos, phone, tv, internet, music, games and so much more. it also has a file manager (my files) and supports an sd card. in conjunction with my smart tv, it supports a great wireless tablet to tv interface. after issues with my ipad (speed, mail not opening, apps hanging, etc.), i converted all of my data and downloaded my apps to the samsung galaxy tab a. i meticulously converted, on and off for two days, and lost nothing. i could not be happier with the results that i am getting from this tablet. all of my issues are gone and i did not spend a fortune for this device. with a clear conscious, i have no problem recommending this tablet.

reviewed in the united states on june 24, 2017

verified purchase

i’m not a big android user because i have a degenerative eye disease that makes it extremely difficult for me to view small devices. but i realized that a tablet would come in handy sometimes. i started my research by looking at the largest displays that fit my budget. i’ve had a samsung galaxy 4 smart phone which has served me well for 3 years. pros: the samsung 10″ tab a is affordable, and has extra features like 3 taps on the screen and your image or text is zoomed in. battery life is incredible — at least 1 to 3 full days depending on how much processing power you are using. the construction is high quality and the os runs flawlessly. because of the low price tag i won’t whine about not including a case and screen protectors. cons: it doesn’t work with a stylus and i couldn’t install s-voice. but most people may not need that anyway. i do need it however but i wasn’t careful enough in my research. if you need those features look at the samsung tab s. hindsight on my part — especially since the tab s wasn’t that much more expensive.

reviewed in the united states on july 26, 2019

verified purchase

it does so much and because i am disabled i can use it laying down. write email surf the web, buy stuff, take pictures and videos, uses voice commands play music, watch movies, keep up with the bills online, keep in touch with friends on facebook, use it as a video call where you can see and talk to people at the same time. use instant messenger to text, use skype, save money by talking with friends on it no need to use a phone, its that and so much more. pintrest, amazon, ebay, youtube, twitter etc., etc, a long lasting battery can use it plugged in while battery recharges. use onedrive and flickr for photos play
miễn phí games, read. more etc. excellent value.

reviewed in the united states on august 15, 2016

verified purchase

i bought this tablet so i could watch netflix while cooking, and could watch movies while traveling. it’s great on both counts — the battery life is very good (part of the reason i bought it — i can go from west to east coast and be above 50% battery after watching movies most of the time). slap on a decent case, and it’s a good size to post up in the kitchen and watch something.

the resolution/pixel density is definitely not on-par with the latest offerings, but doesn’t matter to me for movie watching — unless you’re watching bluray quality, there’s a good chance you cannot even take advantage of higher resolutions these days.

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the reason i docked a star is:

* does feel sluggish at times — maybe i have too many apps running…

* the 3 back/home/window buttons are impossible to see at night since they are not backlit. backlighting them would have made a world of difference. oh yeah, samsung chose to put the back button on the right side — what? i have a few lg android devices that use the normal left-hand-side convention, and it’s 50% as to whether i am able to go back in the dark on this tablet.

reviewed in the united states on march 13, 2016

verified purchase

i finally decided to try something other than my kindle which is what i have been using since the kindle e-readers came out. i love my kindles. i spent a great deal of time researching tablets before deciding to try this one. i have had my galaxy tab a now for a few months, and i am glad i decided to try something new. my phone is a galaxy note 4, and the operation of this tablet is very similar. this tablet is capable of more than my kindles were. i love being able to transfer pics between my phone and tablet, but sometimes it ends up with 2 copies on the same device. i like that i can access the internet easily and quickly on my tablet. definitely faster than my kindle was. the camera is awesome. great quality pics. the picture on the screen is sharp and clear and bright. the sound for listening to music is also very good. and, the best part is that it is less expensive than my kindles were. you have a choice for however many gb’s you want, and it uses micro sd cards, up to 128 gb. this was a good buy!

reviewed in the united states on may 16, 2017

verified purchase

this is the best tablet for my needs that i have seen among the many available. very simple and so easy to use for quick searches online or just for sending emails using the larger keyboard than my phone. the sound quality is high. it’s so versatile i seldom use my laptop any more. the only problem is that the camera is difficult to hold steady to get close-up shots clearly, but the pictures are great.

reviewed in the united states on may 26, 2016

verified purchase

i bought the tab a to replace an ipad that was getting so “long in the tooth” that native applications could not be updated since the ios was old. i was able to bind the tab a to my mail accounts in short order and start using it. i’ve also added a weather app, and a couple of others that are not of much interest to the masses as they are used in conjunction with my hobby. the google voice activated search feature is every bit as good a siri, if not better. the tab a is thin, the screen is bright, and so far, everything is working perfectly.

top reviews from other countries

jacob charbonneau

2.0 out of 5 stars if you are looking to buy this in 2017 or …

reviewed in canada on june 27, 2017

verified purchase

if you are looking to buy this in 2017 or beyond, it is not worth even $200. it does not connect to 5ghz wireless signal and it is slow for games.

dr hans terlingen

4.0 out of 5 stars i like the size for reading

reviewed in canada on december 7, 2016

verified purchase

does everything i need. i like the size for reading. still on learning curve.

battery seems to not last that long.

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5.0 out of 5 stars decent price, decent tablet

reviewed in canada on december 3, 2018

verified purchase

use basically every day and have not had any issues. battery life is impressive. excellent for use with chromecast. don’t use much for gaming so can’t offer much insight in that category

young hwa cho

3.0 out of 5 stars not much difference than samsung galaxy smart

reviewed in canada on june 3, 2017

verified purchase

functioning alright. not much difference than samsung galaxy smart phone


3.0 out of 5 stars product overview said there were no scratches on screen. …

reviewed in canada on september 15, 2017

verified purchase

product overview said there were no scratches on screen. at the top there is a scratch of about 1″. other than that it works well.

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