Bosch vs Electrolux Appliances: Who Is Better?

so, you are considering buying a kitchen suite of appliances. you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, but still want style.

there is good news. whether you are renovating, replacing or rebuilding, bosch or electrolux should be considered.we will be comparing the german bosch versus the swedish electrolux. although they compete in this crowded mass-premium segment, bosch has higher-end appliances in thermador with electrolux dominating the value segment with frigidaire.

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we will look at both companies, compare their products and then review at the end.



first, they are both european companies with bosch based out of germany and electrolux out of sweden. both are giant companies; electrolux is the world’s largest appliance company and bosch is also a large conglomerate.

few of these products are european, however. bosch’s north carolina facility is the largest dishwasher manufacturing factory in the world. their cooking products are built in the u.s. as well, with the high-end refrigeration built in turkey.

electrolux is manufactured in the u.s. with refrigeration and laundry built in mexico.

so let’s look by product category.


for purchases under $599, electrolux (under the frigidaire label) clearly is the choice, only because bosch starts at $599 for a decent dishwasher.

over $599, bosch is the clear choice with better features, reliability and more models. bosch is a dishwasher company first, whereas electrolux has just started in the american market.

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bosch vs electrolux appliances: who is better?


bosch vs electrolux appliances: who is better?

bosch electric range


electrolux electric range

ranges are interesting, mostly because the bosch basic không tính phístanding gas ranges are built by frigidaire. so, electrolux certainly has more ranges with their frigidaire line. the ranges sold under the electrolux label are modern with automatic features like perfect turkey, proof (for breads) and dehydrate (for fruits).

slide-in ranges

slide-in ranges are a different story as bosch manufactures their own under the benchmark label in induction and 5-burner gas options. bosch and electrolux are very similar in specifications for slide-ins, but the clear choice is electrolux.


bosch vs electrolux appliances: who is better?


bosch vs electrolux appliances: who is better?

bosch refrigerator


electrolux refrigerator

once again, bosch and thermador own the high-end with integrated and true professional refrigerators. electrolux and frigidaire almost have a monopoly on top mounts (freezer on the top).

in the counter depth refrigerator market where they do actually compete, electrolux offers a side by side and french door whereas bosch markets just the side by side.

once again, bosch outsources it’s refrigeration. whirlpool used to produce their counter depth french door, but they terminated that contract in december 2015. french doors are more popular than side by sides, yet there is a number of bosch sold.

we will talk about the why at the end. 

built-ins (wall ovens and cooktops) 

both are competitive, but bosch has a more compelling wall oven story with both brands, bosch and thermador. gas professional and regular cooktops are better under the bosch brand with better power and simmer control.

interestingly enough, the bosch induction cooktop is better with more power in the middle burner.

should you buy a kitchen appliance package?

electrolux vs. bosch appliances

with the exception of dishwashers and built-in’s, electrolux looks better in the major areas like cooking and refrigeration.

yet, bosch is more popular by a wide margin. their style is unique yet not as modern as the electrolux, and that may be a part of the reason.

however, bosch packages are highly promotional. at certain times of the year, you can buy a counter depth refrigerator, microwave with vent, dishwasher and range for $2,999 or $1,000 cheaper than electrolux.

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(see the best kitchen packages here) 

in other words, electrolux may have better and more varied products, but bosch has the better style and the more affordable price.

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