Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.

currency up to 40 currencies, 16 currencies(mix & multi) operating speed

(can be installed
more than
40 currencies)

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value counting with counterfeit detection max 1300 npm    *note per minute                              *depends on currency fitness sorting with counterfeit detection max 1200 npm    *note per minute                              *depends on currency capture and record : ocr, micr, tickets, ngạitc. capture and record : full color image with ocr pocket capacity hopper ih-110/ih-110s/ih-110b : 500 notes ih-110f/ih-110fs : 1000 notes reject pocket 60 notes(max 100 notes) stacker 200 notes(max 300 notes) display 4.3” full color lcd touch screen mode mix(face, orientation) / different denomination(face, orientation) / count / serial no. / fitness / hoảng sợtc dimensions(w/d/h) ih-110/ih-110s/ih-110b : 300 x 320 x 315mm ih-110f/ih-110fs : 300 x 320 x 345mm weight ih-110/ih-110s/ih-110b : 13kg ih-110f/ih-110fs: 14.5kg interface lan(giga), usb(h), usb(s), rs232c power supply 100 ~ 240v ±10%, 1.2a ~ 0.6a, 50/60hz sensor info. full color dual cis : 8 images, ir transmission, ir reflection, rgb full line magnetic sensor (16 channel) thickness(tape) /double detection sensor (12 channel / 2 channel) uv reflection(4 channel), transmission(4 channel), fluorescence (4 channel) options external lcd display / osd(on screen display : video surveillance system) / thermal printer

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