Máy lạnh General – Điều hòa General công nghệ Fujitsu Nhật Bản giá rẻ

GENERAL is a Japanese luxury brand since 1960, exporting to more than 140 countries around the world. For many years, air conditioner branded General was ranked among the top-selling air conditioner products in Canada, Spain, Australia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

General air conditioner products are ultra-powerful with super-fast cooling / heating capability: fresh air from General air conditioner can reach up to 15 meters far, spill over living and working space and help achieve faster cooling performance.


General Air Conditioner uses the new generation R32 and R410A refrigerant technology in Japan, which is environmentally friendly, user friendly, reduces heat transfer efficiency, reduces power consumption by up to 10% compared to other refrigerants. General operates at a low noise level of only 22 dB by special design inside the unit to create a fresh air flow into comfortable environment in the bedroom and office room.

High Efficient Compact Design

Compact design is realized by high density multi-path heat exchanger.

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Super Quiet Operation

Top class low noise operation by new airflow construction.

Our quiet operation makes the more comfortable environment in a bed room and a study room, etc.

Powerful operation

Reach the setting temperature quickly.

Economy operation

Setting temp. is shifted by 1°C automatically.

More Convenient Timer

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You can set an integrated ON-OFF or OFF-ON timer suitable

for your life style.

Easy maintenance

Removable & washable panel

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