Samsung LS24R350 Review – Affordable 75Hz 1080p Monitor for Everyday Use

samsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday use

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the samsung ls24r350 is an inexpensive daily use monitor that works great for work from home use and light gaming on the side. this model goes with ips instead of va or pls which are both made and used by the korean brand. the samsung ls24r350 slots into a very competitive $150 segment especially during this time, so let’s check and see if it has what it takes to top other contenders.

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samsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday use

samsung ls24r350 specifications

  • screen size: 24 inches
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080 fhd
  • aspect ratio: 16:9
  • panel technology: in-plane switching (ips)
  • refresh rate: 75hz
  • response time: 5ms
  • contrast ratio: 1000:1 (static)
  • brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • built-in speakers: no
  • stand: height – no
  • stand: tilt – yes
  • stand: swivel – no
  • stand: pivot – no
  • vesa compatibility: yes (75 x 75)
  • connectivity: hdmi 1.4 x 1, vga x 1
  • dimensions with stand (wxhxd): 21.25” x 16.75” x 9.31”
  • weight: 7.50 lbs
samsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday use

design and features

the samsung ls24r350 sports a simplified exterior that looks elegant and attractive for your workstation or even some minimalist gaming setups. the device has that signature “dark blue-grey” color exclusive to samsung along with a silver accent on the bottom strip of the front. the display is bezel-free on three sides, but you will still see minimal panel borders when its in use.

it’s also worth noting that the samsung ls24r350 doesn’t take up a lot of space nor is it too heavy, so you can practically set your workstation anywhere. the device is also slightly taller than some comparable models which are great if you are on the taller side of the populace. we do find the stand to be unnecessarily deep, but its t-shape should make arranging your peripherals easy as peas.

build quality for the samsung ls24r350 is excellent even if it belongs to the budget segment. the plastics used feel like they can take a few hits, while the device manages to stand stable even if you are a heavy typer. the fit and finish of the monitor are perfect, so there are no gaps or uneven seams on all of its edges.

another fantastic feature of the samsung ls24r350 is its osd joystick which lets you navigate its menus with ease. the device also doubles as a power button so you need to be a bit more gentle in pressing it to avoid shutting the display off by accident. samsung has been implementing this with almost their entire range in recent times, and we think all monitor manufacturers should follow as well.

samsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday use

the stand included with the samsung ls24r350 can only offer tilt which limits its usability for workstations with dual or triple displays. its also a bit intrusive on a desktop surface due to its depth, but it is easy to find a workaround thanks to the shape of the base. thankfully, you can swap this part out with a vesa mount that has a 75 x 75adapter, but we only think it’s practical if you are planning on multiple screens.

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the samsung ls24r350 doesn’t have a lot of connectivity options, so it is less versatile than some competitors like the viewsonic vx2485-mhu. you only get hdmi 1.4 and vga for video inputs which limit the host devices you can use simultaneously with this monitor. it’s not a big issue for a budget display, but we would have liked to have a displayport or a second hdmi slot at least.

the samsung ls24r350 doesn’t have speakers which is arguably fair for the price, but it might dismay some of the product’s prospective buyers. built-in speakers are useful for conference calls and some background music, both of which you will encounter during work from home use.

display and performance

the samsung ls24r350 sports a 24-inch ips panel with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 75hz max refresh rate, and a 5ms response time. the contrast ratio sits at 1000:1, while the backlight’s maximum reaches up to 250 cd/m2. this model doesn’t have any special features, but its wider view angles and extra refresh headroom makes it attractive for casual gaming as well.

the 24-inch screen combined with the 1080p resolution is great for all-around use since it has excellent visibility and it makes games easier to run even on low-spec systems. you don’t have to squint or use scaling to read and process documents, plus every video format out there practically supports 1080p. however, you don’t get the extra space high-resolution monitors offer which come in handy for multitasking.

the samsung ls24r350 covers 98% of the srgb color space, unlike other budget ips models which can only reach 93%. the screen is tuned well from the factory the color delta e did not exceed 2.1 which is slightly better than the acceptable range. color temperature is slightly higher than the 6500k point, but the added coolness is welcome since it makes white backgrounds look cleaner and less yellowish.

there is no need to calibrate the samsung ls24r350, so you only need to adjust its brightness, and it’s ready to go. it’s rare to find screens that already offer a balanced color output out of the box, so this a huge plus for this model.

the samsung ls24r350 also reaches a contrast ratio of 1040:1 which gives it a slightly better performance in black luminance. the screen doesn’t look washed out, but it can still look grayish when viewing dark images in an unlit environment. the backlight on this model can go up to 300 cd/m2 at 100%, enabling it to fight off glare better than most models in the same class.

however, the panel uniformity fo the samsung ls24r350 could use some improvements since it loses a bit of its contrast at the lower edges. there are some backlight leaks at these corners, adding a bit of clouding that becomes slightly noticeable in dark scenes. thankfully, not every unit is the same due to manufacturing tolerances, so it is possible to get a better one.

motion handling on the samsung ls24r350 isn’t the best so it is prone to blurring in fast-paced scenes or contrasting transitions. the monitor does have an overdrive feature even if its not a full gaming model which lessens the smudges and trails. we recommend staying with the faster level since anything higher will add massive overshoot which is just as worse as the original blurring.

the samsung ls24r350 is compatible with
miễn phísync, but it doesn’t work flawlessly with g-sync for nvidia users. you won’t need to rely on vrr anyway since it’s easy to optimize graphics settings at this resolution, but it would be handy to have for demanding titles like red dead redemption 2. input lag sits at 10ms, so there is no need to worry about delays or “de-synced” instances.

thoughts on the samsung ls24r350

the samsung ls24r350 is one of the strongest budget monitors when it comes to image quality at the $150 price point. the ips panel is capable of gorgeous color quality, and it doesn’t need calibration if you want a more balanced image. the screen on this model also has a better contrast ratio than some models we’ve seen, although it is not comparable to the va variants samsung is known for.

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our biggest complaint with the samsung ls24r350 is its lack of a few creature comforts to make buying it for work from home use a bit more worthwhile. we’d love to have an extra hdmi slot or a pair of built-in speakers with the device, although these omissions are understandable since the price is already low. it’s one of the better models out there, and you have to spend more bucks if you want a more compelling alternative.


  • excellent colors and contrast
  • affordable
  • attractive design
  • equipped with osd joystick


  • tilt-only stand
  • no displayport
  • slow pixel response time

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samsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday usesamsung ls24r350 review – affordable 75hz 1080p monitor for everyday use

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