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host communication error [02:**]

02->a fixed value**->refer to the table below.

error code


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cause or measures


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correctly executed  


parity error  


sum error alarm showing that my station doesn’t occupy cpu due to the processing monitor
03 framing error  
04 overrun error  
05 protocol error busy another task code was being executed and the required task code could not be executed.
06 ascii error  
07 receive buffer error  
08 receive time over network error communication block
11 undefined task code  
12 undefined feature-selecting code  
14 address error  
15 no. of steps, no. of words error  
16 i/o code error  
17 i/o no. error  
19 tried to write more than the memory volume  
1a memory size over  
20 not occupied yet my station doesn’t occupy cpu.
31 rom memory  
32 not accommodate to a parameter area  
33 occupancy code disagreement (occupied by read)  
34 occupancy code disagreement (occupied by write)  
35 another station is debugging  
36 four stations are occupying via read  
37 my station doesn’t occupy cpu  
38 another station is occupying cpu  
3a ram memory error  
3b cpu is running  
3c operation error  
3d no program  
3e task code combination error  


the program is unreasonable  

*as to other errors, refer to a manual of a plc manufacturer.  

error code



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data reception error cable was disconnected while the machine is turned on.  


data reception time out incorrect plc settings.
check the plc type used for the editor software.
check all data transmission settings, installation, and wiring conditions.
plc’s power is not turned on.
incorrect cable connection or wiring.
incorrect data transmission settings.


data transfer time out incorrect cable connection or incorrect data transmission settings.
check the data transmission settings, installation and wiring conditions.
the gp’s cable has not been connected.

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